If you have no previous knowledge of German, until you are a candidate for our A1 / 1 course. We offer this course level as an intensive and a semi-intensive course.



First of all, we can promise you that by the end of this first course you will be able to understand a lot in German and have simple conversations. Above all, you will acquire a stable basic knowledge in order to expand your German skills step by step in the higher course levels.

You should note the following:

At registration please select the course format that suits your interests and your time capacity and A1 / 1 as the course level. Two important points: First, you don’t need to take a placement test. Second, in course level A1, our offer for a trial lesson consists of a short video that we recorded with our coordinator and teacher. If necessary, there is also the option of making a zoom appointment with her.

In the course you should be prepared for the fact that the language of instruction is German from day one. This is very important in our communicative approach. Go ahead and get involved. Your teacher will make sure that you understand everything and that you can start speaking very soon. You will still have the opportunity to ask questions in your native language or a third language after your course lesson or in between. Use the chat with your teacher for this.