Learning a language online, learning German online ... Is that even possible?


GOFORGERMAN offers you everything you need for it.

Our team consists of experienced course coordinators and creative lecturers, competent study advisors and highly trained tutors.

On the basis of our many years of experience in language teaching, we have jointly developed a new integrative learning concept that helps you to learn the language holistically and to apply it in practice during the course.

The communicative one GOFORGERMANMethod combined Live teaching, self-employed Interactive learning with the support of your teacher and that Communication training 15 minutes Germany, with which you apply what you have learned in conversation and expand and train your oral expression and vocabulary.

With the GOFORGERMANMethod, you should not only learn the language, but actually speak it. GOFORGERMAN prepares you for your studies, your job or simply your next meeting in German, wherever you are.

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